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About UB Events

University Business is a leading voice in higher education.

Distributed monthly to over 75,000 college and university executives, University Business magazine provides insightful and timely coverage of the issues, technologies and trends that impact the world of higher education. 

UB’s live events offer an opportunity for higher ed leaders to interact with each other and with subject matter experts to explore exciting new insights and solutions that promote student and institutional success.   

Higher Education Leadership Summits provide cutting-edge leadership development and networking to campus leaders.These events are designed to inspire new thinking in key topics related to campus leadership.

This is accomplished through intensive networking and collaboration with innovative solutions providers to promote ongoing discussion, debate and sharing of professional resources and leadership initiatives. Participants are selected based on their key roles in the future of their institutions.

UBTech is the annual higher education technology event focusing on the convergence of AV and IT.

UBTech helps higher education leaders learn more about these technologies and how to apply them on campus to support student and institutional goals. Visit UBTech’s website to learn more.

The UB Events Team

Daniel E. Kinnaman
Stephanie Martinez
James Muyskens
Program Chair
Susan Charamut
Director of Client Services
JD Solomon
Program Director
Ashley Roina
Client Services Manager